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(Cancun, Mexico-2008): Only Smart Choice Car Rental, can offer you cars with unlimited mileage and insurances included to an excellent price ! other Car Rentals have some very atractives “catching” prices, but just remember in life there are somethings : Which there are too nice to be true! “The Others Car Rentals will add you: airport taxes, license fee, service charge, costs for each insurance you take
(An average of $3 usd per day for PAI, $ 15 usd per day for ALI and $25 usd per day for CDW and 15 extra for EPC).
Don’t ask for an smile, because they might charge it for it!!!

With Us those are included !

Requirements to rent a car:

- A valid driver's license issued in your State or Country is acceptable as well as International licenses.
- A major credit card (Visa or Master Card).
We also accept debit card and a cash deposit.
- Renter must be 25 years old. If you are under 25 years old, you have to pay the under-age fee of $15.00 USD per day.

Shuttle service:

We have our own shuttle service to pick you up from the airport to our office. We offer a shuttle Service back to Cancun International Airport .

Our office is located only 4 minutes from the Cancun International Airport .
Opens from Monday- Sunday from 8:00am to 10:00pm and Sunday, but if you have a late arrival We can deliver the car at Cancun International Airport or in your Hotel with out any extra charge.
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Rentals priced Car:

All rental rates are based on a 24 hour period.
Beware of the 24 Hour Clock. This means if you rent your car on Wednesday and return it on Thursday, you are charged for one day only if you return it within 24 hrs. You are usually charged for 2 days if you return it more than 27-28 hrs after picking the car up. The policy is that an hourly rate (extra hours) is charged for the first 3-4 hrs after 24 hrs.
Returning the car after the hourly rate period

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