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Cenote Yalahau

2021-11-13 21:17:37

Traveling to the island of Hol Box will be something that you will not want to miss if you plan an excursion to the most wonderful destinations of the Mexican Southern Caribbean. The same from Cancun as from Playa del Carmen you can arrive at the coastal enclave of Chiquilá, from there, it is a matter of 30 minutes to reach the incredible island of Hol Box.

And what to do in Hol Box? Well, Hol Box stands out for its wonderful beaches and water activities, in addition to offering you the peace and tranquility that only an island isolated from tumults and crowds can offer you, and what better than this island nestled in the heart of the Caribbean.

But if there is something charming about Hol Box, it is its own natural charm. The geography, flora and native fauna of this marvelous region alone delight.

One of the most prominent points in this regard are the cenotes, where the Cenote de Yalahau stands out, or Eye of Water, as it is also known. Legend has it that its waters have supernatural properties that make people rejuvenate.

This source of natural water was for a long time the largest source of fresh natural water supply on the island of Holbox, but today it is a beautiful tourist parador, which is part of a protected nature reserve.

In remote times this cenote was very important for fishermen because after an arduous day they cooled down here, but it was also an important port for Mayan merchants.

This spring is a large natural pool where fresh water gushes out, surrounded by plants, trees and shrubs, which you can see from the top of the viewpoint located here.

It is also said that the island of Holbox was a refuge for pirates and corsairs. And it is also speculated that the island treasures chests full of treasures that they buried in their caves and caverns. The legends and stories that are woven around these characters are fabulous. Who knows how true they will be, the truth is that no one can assure otherwise, and consequently, all these fables make the island's history even more attractive and rich and its charm more captivating, which attracts tens of thousands of tourists. every year.

Nowadays tourists can visit the island and enjoy delicious sandwiches in the palapa that has been installed shortly before reaching the water hole; They can also take a dip in the cold waters of the Cenote de Yalahau.

Unlike Hol Box, this small islet where Yalahau is located is more desolate. There are no cafes or restaurants here like Hol Box or places to stay, so you should consider bringing your snacks in case you want to go camping.

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