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Why to rent a Jeep?

2021-07-14 18:33:30

Jeep are perhaps the most iconic and famous off-road cars in the entire world. The splendor of its fame was reached by this mark in World War II, as it was widely used by the United States Army. In those years, the 1948 Jeep CJ2A model, known as Jeep Willys, became popular.
But the good reputation of the Jeep is not only due to its popularity as the favorite car of the North American army, but its physical qualities make it well deserved the slogan: Go Anywhere. Do Anything.
Jeeps are strong and powerful cars. With its traction, either 4x2 or 4x4, depending on the model, they make this a car that overcomes any obstacle. At the same time, it is a car with simple mechanics, so they are easy to repair, while it is not difficult to find spare parts for Jeep cars in any corner of the world.
Jeeps have evolved to adapt to the demands of the modern market in terms of size, capacity and comfort, however, they have not lost their essence as simple and robust cars.
Older jeeps are nevertheless still preferred by many, as their relatively small size makes them easier to transport as well as capable of slipping through narrower passages.

Jeep, an all-weather car

Jeeps have proven to be cars that can overcome any weather conditions. The same in the snow as in the desert, these cars cling to the surface and their powerful engine makes it go smoothly over any obstacle. The same in swampy or flooded areas.
A passenger in a Jeep can feel safe, no matter how strong the wind, rain or any other eventuality imposed by the weather.
Jeep comfort and safety are well worth the price
Renting a Jeep may not be the most economical option, however, it will be a gamble that will be well worth it. A jeep guarantees you the security you need on your trip. Especially if you are looking to launch into an area with difficult access, climb steep elevations, travel through desert or arid areas, enter marshy areas or muddy terrain, in all these cases a jeep will be the ideal option.
But even more, the jeep is not only strong, resistant and safe, a jeep also has charisma. The prototype of the jeep is emblematic, it is easy to distinguish a jeep even from a distance from any other brand of 4x4. The jeep is an iconic, beautiful and classic car.
A jeep will not only give you safety and comfort, but it also offers you a touch of class.
Jeep fits the times
Modern jeeps have excellent conditions to ensure the comfort of both the driver and passengers. One aspect that stands out in these cars is the internal climate. Both the air conditioning and heating system of the Jeep is enviable, making your journey unmatched.
On the other hand, driving a Jeep is not a challenge, it is a fantasy. Anyone can drive a jeep because of the smoothness of its steering wheel and the stability it offers on the road. With firm steering and a transmission system that makes them fast while being safe, jeep is the ideal car not only for rough terrain, but for long journeys on the road. This makes jeep a multipurpose car, that is, you rent a jeep, and you ensure a safe, comfortable trip without fear of obstacles no matter how far your destination is or how difficult it is to access it.

Some drawbacks of the Jeep

Although Jeep is a popular car with a high degree of acceptance among users, it also has its drawbacks.
The price sometimes escapes the possibilities of the users. When you go to rent a car, one of the determining factors is the price. If you only plan to walk around the city or explore its surroundings and you do not plan to enter areas of difficult access, surely a jeep will not be the best option, since you will find cheaper variants such as a compact car.
Even considering renting a suv, the jeep can be a bit more expensive. However, if you have enough space in your trip budget, it is recommended that you consider renting a jeep, for safety, comfort and why not? also for the distinction that it provides you.

A jeep may not be suitable for the elderly or disabled

Most of the jeeps for conditioning the roughest terrain usually have large wheels and the height of the floor can be an inconvenience for some people, especially those of the elderly or people with disabilities.
Despite the jeep, due to the simplicity of its design, it can be adapted to the specificities of anyone.
If you are an elderly person or have a disability and still want to rent a jeep, then you should look for more urban models such as the patriot jeep or the renegade.

Rent a Jeep to travel through the Mayan Riviera

The Riviera Maya is one of the most captivating destinations in all of Mexico. The diversity of its geography makes an off-road car the ideal option to visit its most dissimilar attractions.
From Puerto Morelos, crossing the entire Caribbean coast of southern Mexico until reaching Punta Allen, this exotic place on the Yucatan Peninsula offers you the secrets of the ancient Mayan civilization, its culinary art, its culture, its architecture ...
At any of its points you can rent a car. One of our offices is precisely located in one of the most emblematic places in the Riviera Maya. The city of Tulum, wonderful and impetuous, with the remains of the Mayan city and its beautiful beaches, is a must-see on your trip through this region.
You can rent a Jeep in Tulum and travel the entire coastal strip along the Riviera Maya and end in Cancun, from where you can start your return trip.

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