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Hol Box: the dream island

2021-11-12 20:53:11

Located on the Yucatan peninsula, a short distance from highly visited destinations in this area of ​​southern Mexico, such as Playa del Carmen and Cancun, Holbox Mexico Island is the ideal place for a trip of relaxation and peace.

This long and narrow island offers the visitor the possibility of enjoying a peaceful vacation away from the crowded places.

At 26 miles long and one mile wide, this stunning destination looks a lot like other islands in Mexico in that it is divided into different regions, including the city, lush scenery, and a combination of busy beaches, as well as others more secluded that offer a feeling of purity and virginity.

 Hol box is a place to wander without worry. It is a peaceful place and as a beach area you can walk in shorts and a T-shirt without worrying much about keeping your forms.

As there are not many cars in Holbox, most of the people travel the narrow and unpaved streets the same by bicycle, motorcycles or golf carts. These funny cars are modified by the locals to make taxis, and are available almost anywhere to take you anywhere on the island for a few pesos.

Two things, in addition to its beaches, stand out in Hol box, the numerous restaurants and kiosks where you can taste the wonderful Yucatecan food and its street art, which is manifested almost in every corner of the island.

How to get to Hol Box Island?


To get to Hol box you must take a ferry from Chiquilá. Chiquilá is a town that is located in the extreme northeast of the Yucatan peninsula. To get to Chiquilá you can do it from Cancun or from Playa del Carmen.

The ferry crossing from Chiquilá to Hol Box takes about half an hour. The closest airport is Cancun International Airport, which is 150 km from the small town of Chiquilá.

What to do in Hol Box?

In Holbox the aquatic activities stand out. Its beautiful beaches and its atmosphere of peace and tranquility could be said to be the greatest attractions of this wonderful island, together with the beauty of the nature of this geography of the Mexican Caribbean as well as the impressive marine fauna. Among the wonders of its nature, the cenotes stand out, beautiful natural pools where you can bathe in its crystalline waters while enjoying its natural beauty.

In Hol box you can dive and snorkel. There are many places to do it and many tours include these activities as part of their offers.

How is the weather in Hol box?

The climate of Isla Holbox is fantastic throughout the year. December and January are the coldest months, with minimum temperatures around 70 degrees and maximum temperatures around 80. June, July and August are the hottest, with average temperatures above 90 and minimum temperatures below 80. Rainfall It can happen at any time, but the probability of wet weather is highest between September and November.

What is the best time to visit Holbox Island?

Actually Hol Box can be visited throughout the year. If you hope to avoid humid weather, consider planning your trip anytime between December and August. October is the rainiest month, with an average of more than 15 days with rainfall. September and November are the driest months.

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